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We don't need to tell you about the benefits of GeoTargeting and Proximity Marketing.
You are sharp, you already realize the bulk of your customers are already looking for merchants to engage.

Isn't it time for you to Join Them?

All we require is for you Promote it in your location and make sure all your customers know you are a UtahSAVE vendor giving them the opportunity to join the movement.

And why wouldn't you?  It WILL Grow your Business
because it WILL bring you NEW CUSTOMERS.

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It's a Win - Win

All you do is promote the app (call it Your app if you like) to all your customers and in turn you get a Free, Dynamic Listing with One Spot.
This is a time sensitive offer. If you checked out the pricing, you realize that getting a Free Listing is a nice little savings.
We are only choosing 20 businesses per area that will receive their free listing, and they will be grandfathered in at the FREE rate for one SPOT.

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By showing your folks the UtahSAVE app (appSAVE) you are showing them a way to get the Best Local Deals based upon their Location.
In this early stage of promotions, we'll partner with you to grow your business. And by jumping on now, you are Grandfathered in.

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This flyer is currently in development and will be done when we have the QR code for the Apple Play Store. We'll even customize it to you if you want, just Contact Me.

Upgrade as you need

One of the programs you may want right away is our Loyalty Program. All it takes is one SPOT and it's a feature customers LOVE.


Your Goal is Quite Simple:

1. Make sure ALL your customers know about the app.
2. Advertise the fact that you are a UtahSAVE (appSAVE) Vendor.

Currently, Utah folks are UtahSave.com vendors.
Nevada folks are NevadaSave.com vendors.
And the same will soon go for California, Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington, with more states to follow.

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"If you don't have a Solid Plan for success you will never achieve it."
Michael Phelps.

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The goal is to Grow your Business and we are experts at that.

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