Proximity Marketing


Set things up, change your campaign, move a GeoFence, set up an event, schedule a campaign, etc.

Everything you need to know to advance your marketing efforts and Grow your Business like nothing you've ever seen before.


First, the WHY!

Do you realize that Radio, TV, Yellow Pages and Newspapers are from 100 to 300 year old technology?

Do you think Technology has Advanced since then?

Then why are you still using obsolete technology to try and reach your customers when fewer and fewer of them even think that way anymore?

So Where are they today?

It's not hard to figure it out.
Just look at your Customers.

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This system will Grow your Business like Nothing you have ever seen before, anywhere.

Smart Phones are History on the Making. Now, for the first time ever, You can Tap into the Power of Location Based Advertising and Engagement with customers who are Already Looking for Businesses to Engage.

Will you Engage with them or just push them to your competitor?

Folks, Complying with Google's Rules is a Pretty Big Deal.

Finally, a Solution.

  • We previously showed you the Google Rules of Engagement and if you haven't seen that, it's something you need to understand.
  • There is NOTHING you can do to help your online rankings more than having a successful Local Engagement Marketing Campaign, NOTHING. All the self-proclaimed SEO experts in the world can't change that because as far as Google is concerned, they are totally insignificant.
  • If you need more on the why, we have it all but for now, let's just Get Going...

Everything you do should be summed up with just Two Words.


Not more Expensive... Smarter.

So let's get going with the How.

Some Definitions

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1 Spot = 1 item, i.e. GeoFence, Beacon, WiFi, etc.
Ideally one would have a Map Listing (1 spot) a Geofence or Beacon (1 spot) with a welcome message and including a campaign, and you can grow from there.

A Mobile Engagement tool controlled by your interface where you enter a location and then the size or boundary with a simple drag and drop motion.
When you activate the GeoFence with a campaign, anyone with the app entering your pre-determined location will receive your message.
An important factor is you control the frequency, duration, etc.

A Scenario is What happens When. You need to tell your system what to do when something happens.
i.e. When someone enters the GeoFence, this happens.
When someone dwells in the GeoFence for "x" time, this happens.
When someone is near my Beacon, or maybe I have multiple Beacons, they are near Beacon A, Beacon B, etc., this happens.

Simply a Broadcasting device. It just sits there and sends out little signals.
It cannot access any phone, cannot pull anything off a phone, cannot "spy" on anyone, none of that. It simply sends out a signal that the app can read.
You then decide what the phone sees, what happens and when.
Since we work with most beacons, we have a section showing you how to set them up, and we also show you how to calibrate them if you are using indoor maps.

We give you a Very Powerful system where you can analyze what is happening in your system. This also includes Heat Maps and when you understand this aspect, you will then take your business to new levels. (Analytics are Included.)

This exclusive system allows you to take the next step in local marketing in that you can map out your location, store, mall, convention, etc., with a system that runs on A.I. Technology and knows where your app user is at all times in relation to the surroundings, even on which floor.
For instance, you have a mall with three floors. By first uploading the floor plan and calibrating each floor with beacons, users will be presented directions to different stores or events in real time, and the system knows which floor they are on.